What's New

We now offer Credit Cards and 30 Year Mortgages!

Greensboro Postal Credit Union has partnered with some new companies to offer Credit Cards for our members and more mortgage opportunities. Credit Cards can be applied for at https://mycucard.com or you can come in and fill out an application.

We will be happy to help you own the home of your dreams with a choice of terms(10-30 years) and loan types (conventional, FHA, VA, or variable rate). Give us a call or come by today and apply. A daily rate sheet will be posted for your convenience at each office.

Don't Run out of Money Before Payday! Our 0% Plan Can Help.

Ever run short on money and payday is a few days away? Cash in a Flash can give you the money you need for a small fee and ZERO % Interest. Come by the Credit Union and Inquire Today.

For Lost or Stolen ATM/Debit Cards- -call 1-800-554-8969